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New Product! PEX F1960 Expansion Ball Valves

Monday, April 18, 2022

1/2" to 2" PEX Expansion Ball Valves

HeatLink has added 1/2" to 2" PEX ball valves for F1960 expansion connection systems. Made of no lead brass, these ball valves are approved for use in potable and hydronic systems.

Features include:

  • Full port for maximum flow
  • Lead free brass for potable water compliance
  • Resistance to de-zincification
  • Corrosion resistance to chemicals found in water and gas
  • High strength brass for long term reliablity
  • F1960 PEX connections for use with the HeatLink expansion system
Size Stk# Submittal
1/2" PEX F1960 EX23305NL Download
3/4" PEX F1960 EX23322NL
1" PEX F1960 EX23328NL
1-1/4" PEX F1960 EX23335NL
1-1/2" PEX F1960 EX23341NL
2" PEX F1960 EX23354NL
3/4" PEX F1960 x 3/4" MNPT EX23822NL Download

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