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New Stainless Steel Manifolds

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Front view of 1.25" stainless steel manifold with flow meters, ball valves, thermometers, and hose bibs.Front view of assembled high flow manifold with ball valves, thermometers, and hose bibs.

Front view of assembled 1.5" stainless steel manifold with flow meters, ball valves, and hose bibs.

HeatLink is pleased to announce our new line of Stainless Steel Manifolds. They offer some of the highest quality and reliability in the North American market. Compared to previous versions, they boast improved performance characteristics and stable pricing. All sizes and configurations are being produced in Italy.

This change affects all 1¼" and 2" Stainless Steel Manifolds as well as all panel models that utilize stainless manifolds. To be able to differentiate from past manifolds (for service/repair), new SKU/part numbers have been created.  Also note, that although the 2" manifold will be replaced with a 1½" manifold, the specifications are comparable.

The new manifolds will begin shipping August 1st. 

Download the 1¼” comparison sheet, or the 2" to 1½" comparison sheet

Thumbnail of old to new 1.5" stainless steel manifold comparisonThumbnail of 2" to 1.5" stainless steel manifold comparison document

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