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Smart System

HeatLink® puts comfort at your fingertips with the new Smart System. Feel secure in knowing that no matter where you are, monitoring and controlling your home systems has never been easier with our simple to use app for iOS and Android devices.
The HeatLink® Smart System uses the Zigbee Home Automation wireless protocol, ensuring a strong connection between all wireless devices, and a secure path to the HeatLink® app. Without the need to run wires*, installation and setup are a snap, and adding devices to the system is hassle-free.

NEW: Visit our new Smart System website for instructions, troubleshooting, videos, technical documents, and more.

Creating Value Through Comfort

What’s the number one feature you want in your home?
Comfort. To be warm in winter, cool in summer, and have it all delivered as conveniently and easily as possible.
You already know that a HeatLink® radiant system is the best way to deliver heating comfort, but with the Smart System we are bringing modern comfort control to your homes.
With a range of Zigbee wireless devices that can be configured for almost any residential or small commercial radiant heating system, the Smart System is also easy to install and simple to use.

Wireless Flexibility

The HeatLink® Smart System uses the Zigbee Home Automation wireless protocol connecting the Smart System devices without the need to run wires between the system devices*, installation and setup are a snap, and adding  devices to the system is hassle-free.


Using the Zigbee protocol to wirelessly connect the components of the Smart System ensures secure, reliable performance for a lifetime.
Some features of the Zigbee standard include:

  • Low power consumption, allowing for long battery life of devices.
  • Range of 10-100 meters in line of sight.
  • Can transmit data over long distances thanks to the mesh network configuration.
  • Perfect for low data rate applications, such as intermittent data from sensors or input devices.

Find out more at the Connectivity Standards Alliance

Go Online with the HeatLink® App!

Simple to use, the app allows:

  • Remote monitoring and control
  • Creation of custom system rules
  • Compatibility with other third party devices and Amazon Alexa
  • Temperature management by zone
  • Creation and editing of custom heating programs
  • Adding new Smart System devices
  • The system can be setup without internet access (offline). When internet access is available the system can then be app enabled (online)
  • Management of multiple systems (basement suites, cabins, heated workshop, etc.)
  • and much more!


Discover the available Smart System devices here.

*refers to the wireless connections between Smart System devices. Power cables, actuator wiring, boiler connection wires and other wiring may still be required.

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