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Wireless Relay

Short Description: 
Wireless Relay
Date Introduced: 
May 28, 2018

The Wireless Relay receives wireless signals to switch on or off a 24 Vac contact. It has an internal switch to select one of two modes:

RX1 mode - The unit is wired to a boiler or heat source to switch it on or off using the signals it receives from Wireless Modules, Wireless Digital Thermostats used with Wireless Valve Actuators, as well as a Wireless Relay in RX2 mode.

RX2 mode - Switching of the unit will be controlled by a paired Wireless Digital Thermostat to activate a pump or zone valve.

Only one unit in RX1 mode and one unit in RX2 mode can be used as part of a system.

Features & benefits:

  • Manual override function.
  • NO contact output, max 24 Vac, 16(5)A

24 Vac 60 Hz.

Includes mounting screws.

Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L3715 L3715 Smart System Installation and Setup Manual 2021-01-01 7.51 MB Download
L643302 Wireless Relay Instructions 2018-07-11 1.15 MB Download
L3950 HeatLink Smart System Trifold 2018-10-05 870.49 KB Download
Look Whats New, Brochure
L5833 Smart System Sell Sheet 2018-08-27 1.91 MB Download
SUB43302 Wireless Relay Submittal 2018-07-12 210.07 KB Download

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