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While Supplies Last
Date Introduced: 
May 28, 2018

The Co-ordinator is a simple USB powered device that coordinates Smart System devices across the Zigbee network.

It's a cost effective alternative to a Wireless Internet Gateway for systems where remote monitoring and control are not required.

The Co-ordinator can handle up to 30 Wireless Thermostats to coordinate up to 90 Wireless Valve Actuators or up to nine (9) StatLink® 8 Zone Wireless Modules.

When more than 32 battery powered devices are used, #43307 Repeaters may be required depending on which Smart System AC powered devices are on the network (#40328 or #43302). Each AC powered device increases the system capacity for battery operated devices by 32.

Includes USB AC adapter.

Note: Not compatible with the HeatLink Smart System app.

To make sure you have the latest features, please update the coordinator with the Coordinator Update Tool before use.

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Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L643306 Co-ordinator Instructions 2016-10-01 1.85 MB Download
SUB43306 Co-ordinator Submittal 2018-07-12 213.51 KB Download
Image Stk# Product Name Status
Photo of HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat with Celsius 46801W HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat Active
Photo of Wireless Valve Actuator 56401 Wireless Valve Actuator Active
Photo of Repeater 43307 Repeater While Supplies Last
Substitute: 43304

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