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Wireless Valve Actuator

Short Description: 
Date Introduced: 
May 28, 2018

The Wireless Valve Actuator replaces the traditional wax element TRV actuator with a smart electrical device to open and close a zone or radiator valve.

A Wireless Digital Thermostat controls the operation and is remote from the radiator so it monitors the actual ambient room temperature to ensure optimum heating accuracy.

A single thermostat can control up to six actuators in the same zone to maintain the desired room temperature and increase energy efficiency.

Features & benefits:

  • Temperature is monitored by the room thermostat, not the valve, for optimum accuracy, efficiency and comfort.
  • Modulates independently to find correct temperature and maintain efficiency using one of three control modes: On/Off, Auto, or Learning.
  • Fits most standard zone or radiator valves with supplied adapter.
  • Fail safe mode (uses its internal sensor and fixed setpoint of 15°C to control the temperature when signal is lost, or opens 25% when battery is low).
  • Frost protection (if the valve has been manually closed, the thermostat will automatically maintain the frost protection setpoint).
  • Valve protection (will exercise few seconds after 14 days of inactivity).
  • Manual override function.

Includes 2× AA alkaline batteries and RA valve adapter.

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L3715 L3715 Smart System Installation and Setup Manual 2021-01-01 7.51 MB Download
L656401 Wireless Valve Actuator Instructions 2018-07-11 829.21 KB Download
L3950 HeatLink Smart System Trifold 2018-10-05 870.49 KB Download
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L5833 Smart System Sell Sheet 2018-08-27 1.91 MB Download
SUB56401 Wireless Valve Actuator Submittal 2018-07-12 203.21 KB Download

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