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3/4" SS Press Sleeve

Short Description: 
Date Introduced: 
July 1, 2010

HeatLink Potable Water Systems now offers a start-to-finish system capped off with the unique PEX tubing watertight connection … the stainless steel Press Sleeve. The Press Sleeve slides over the outer part of the PEX-a tubing, before inserting the fitting. When the fitting is in place, the press tool secures the connection in one single press, evidenced by a smooth visible W depression ring on the sleeve's surface. No crimp gauge is required with a Press Sleeve, thus eliminating a step in the whole installation procedure. Once the pressing is complete, everything is set for the pressure test. The room for error is reduced, as the visible impression on the sleeve indicates readiness for the pressure test. HeatLink's Press Sleeve—an impressive connection to have in any pressing situation. The SS Press Sleeve is tested to ASTM F877 and is cNSF®us-pw listed.

Features / Benefits: 
  • ASTM F877 compliant
  • Made of stainless steel 304
  • View hole to check that PEX is inserted completely
  • A visible impression is made when pressed
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L3235 HeatLink Potable Water Systems Installation Guide 2019-06-21 4.27 MB Download
SUB24200 Stainless Steel Press Sleeves Submittal 2017-09-19 44.35 KB Download

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