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1L Corrosion Inhibitor (Molybdate Based)


The Molybdate Based Corrosion Inhibitor creates a protective monomolecular film over all internal surfaces of the heating system as the water circulates. The film is an anodic coating which immediately stops corrosive attack of the metallic parts. Molybdate will not harm PEX tubing or the manifolds and it is glycol
compatible. Molybdate concentration between 100-150 ppm is recommended; higher concentrations are not harmful.

The Molybdate will act as a preoperational cleaner if a sidestream filter is installed and double the amount of Molybdate required is added. The molybdate concentration should be checked after this procedure.

The contents of this 1 L (0.26 US gal) container will treat 182 L (48 US gal) of water.

Advantages: low toxicity; non-pollutant; non-staining

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Info Sheet
L2329 INFO 29 - Water Quality in Hydronic Systems 2006-06-21 129.96 KB Download
L2803 01205 Molybdate Based Closed System Inhibitor SDS 2019-11-27 179.63 KB Download
SUB01205 Molybdate Corrosion Inhibitor Submittal 2009-06-16 337.03 KB Download
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01020 Molybdenum Test Kit Discontinued

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