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StatLink® 8 Zone Wired Module

Date Introduced: 
May 28, 2018

The StatLink® 8 Zone Wired Module is complete with all the main electrical connections for a hydronic floor heating system. This module can be mounted either on a DIN rail or directly to a wall. It connects room thermostats to their corresponding actuators.


  • Can be used with NO or NC thermal actuators.
  • Terminals for four actuators per zone.
  • Pump dry contact 3 min on/off delay.
  • Boiler dry contact 3 min on delay and 0 or 15 min off delay.
  • Plug-in connections.
  • LED status indication.
  • Strain relief fittings.

The 8 zone wired module has a current rating of 2A; a 60VA transformer allows for 20 actuators per module to be connected with up to 4 actuators per zone.

Includes 13 3/4" (35 cm) DIN rail and mounting screws.

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L640318 StatLink 8 Zone Wired Module Instructions 2018-07-09 3.34 MB Download
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