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24" Aluminum Heat Transfer Plate for DryAbove™/DryBelow™ Systems


This plating is used to provide a direct transfer and heat distribution from the PEX tubing to a wooden subfloor. They can be stapled to the underside of the subfloor in a DryBelow™ system or used above the subfloor in a DryAbove™ system. End to end gaps between plates should be from 3" to 6" (75 to 150mm). Plates measure 24" × 4-1/4" (610 mm × 108 mm).

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L3350 HeatLink DryAbove System Brochure 2018-06-08 173.21 KB Download
L3350fr Brochure du système DryAbove HeatLink 2018-06-08 599.16 KB Download
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L5809 Aluminum Heat Transfer Plate Look What's New 2018-06-08 28.25 KB Download
SUB87000 Aluminum Heat Transfer Plate Submittal 2018-06-08 109.65 KB Download

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