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High Capacity Boiler Panel 4 Pump

BC G2-2
Date Introduced: 
September 21, 2015

The BCG2 Boiler Panels are designed to work with the IBC SL20-115 G2 Boiler. The panel primary piping matches up to the boiler supply and return, and the pre-wired terminal strip makes for a straightforward electrical job.


  • Primary piping matches up to boiler.
  • Primary Pump, DHW Pump, and two Radiant Pumps.
  • Isolation valves at every connection.
  • Terminal Strip for wiring to boiler.


  • Pre-engineered panel design saves contractors time and labor.
  • All components are covered by a single warranty.
  • Boiler specific design allows for simplified wiring.
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L5824 BCG2 Boiler Panels Cutsheet 2015-09-02 779.25 KB Download
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