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Electric Boiler Panel 50,000BTU

Date Introduced: 
July 1, 2014

The Electric Boiler Panel includes an 18kW electric boiler, automatic air vent, pressure relief valve, strainer, pump, connection for an expansion tank, 24Vac transformer, StatLink® 6 Zone Base Module, and electrical box for 240V connection.
The Electric Boiler Panel’s primary application is for heating small areas where quick plug and play installation is needed or alternative fuel sources aren’t available.

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L5817ca ELBP New Canada Pricing/Models 2016-10-27 1.54 MB Download
L5817us ELBP New US Pricing/Models 2016-10-27 1.76 MB Download
L640226 StatLink 6 Zone Base Module Instructions 2007-06-13 161.73 KB Download
L640226fr StatLink 6 Zone Base Module Instructions - French 2011-03-28 160.13 KB Download
SUBELBP000 Electric Boiler Panel Submittal 2019-09-05 1.75 MB Download

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