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Snowmelt Control c/w ETO2 DDC and 2 Strap On Sensors

Date Introduced: 
December 1, 2014

The ETO2SMCNTR Snow Melt Control is designed to control a one or two zone snow melting system. The snow melting system may be started manually or automatically through the use of a Driveway Sensor (#DRVWSNS-SS). The control automatically adjusts the mixed supply water to the snow melting system by controlling a DDC Mixing Valve Motor (#58132 or #58300; sold separately). The control includes a Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) in order to view system status and operating information.
Includes two Sensor NTC 12K (ETF1899ASNS)

Driveway Sensor (DRWVSNS-SS) sold separately.

Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
67222A ETO2SMCNTR Instructions 2014-04-01 1.84 MB Download
SUBETF1899ASNS Sensor 12k Submittal 2014-06-27 59.74 KB Download
SUBETO2SMCNTR Snow Melt Control DDC Submittal 2014-06-27 92.98 KB Download
SUBSMCP Snow Melt Control Package Submittal 2016-04-18 116.38 KB Download

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