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SST Recessed 4 Loop 1-1/4" High Flow SS Manifold Small Mixing Panel Top


SST Series Panels are distribution panels with their own pump and mixing valve to supply radiant areas that each need a different supply water temperature. Typical applications include radiant heating and snow melting.

The base SST panel includes:

  • Recessed housing. Visible parts are made of satin coated steel that is ready to paint without priming. Recessed enclosure depth allows for mounting in a 2×6 wall.
  • One key lock and one coin lock.
  • 4 loop 76200 series High Flow SS Manifold.
  • 3-way mixing valve.
  • Pre-wired UPS 15-58 pump.
  • Top mains feed.
  • Isolation valves.
  • Thermometer.

One of the following control packages is required:

  • StatLink® module (thermostats1) with thermostatic head (SSTS series only).
  • StatLink® module (thermostats1) with outdoor reset control.
  • BMS (sensors by others).
  • Snow melt control2 (#SMCP).
  • Snow melt control with BACnet3 (#31680).

Optional factory installed manifold add-ons:

  • Pressure activated bypass4 (#76937).
  • Side mount automatic air vent4 (#76935).
  • Actuator with LED (#56201) installed on manifold and wired to StatLink® module (SSASL required).

Optional factory housing upgrades:

  • Upgrade surface mount housing material to stainless steel.
  • Upgrade surface mount housing to extended housing.

1 Thermostats are sold separately.

2 Snow/Ice Detector DRVWSNS-SS sold separately.

3 Snow/Ice Detector 30090/91 sold separately.

4 Pressure activated bypass and side mount automatic air vent are not compatible and can't be used on the same panel.

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