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TFT02 High Capacity Boiler 4 Pump

Date Introduced: 
April 6, 2015

This panel is designed to for use with NTI Trinity Tft 60-110 boilers.

The panel has four Grundfos UPS15-58 pumps. There is a primary pump, a DHW pump and two heating pumps. The primary and DHW pumps are controlled by the boiler.  On the TFT Boiler Panel High Capacity model, each heating pump is controlled by a thermostat (supplied separately) wired to the terminal strip on the panel.

The water temperature is controlled by the boiler.

Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L6TFT0x TFT Boiler Panel Instructions 2016-02-29 8.33 MB Download
SUBTFT00 TFT Boiler Panel Submittal 2015-07-31 1.02 MB Download

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