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TMP 70MBH 3-Way Mixing Panel

Date Introduced: 
March 10, 2010

The TMP 3-Way Mixing Panel’s primary application is as a single zone mixing device where there are no flow requirements in the primary loop.

Intended to be used with DHW tanks as a heat source, the PLC is programmed with a 24hr timer for potable applications. When not used with a DHW tank as a heat source, secondary zoning downstream of the panel is possible.

A DHW priority option for these panels is not available.

These panels can also be used as subpanels to provide additional mixed temperature loops.

Sequence of operation:

  • When the thermostat calls for heat, its internal 24V contacts close, the auxiliary terminals close, and the pump turns on.
  • As the pump moves fluid through the panel the thermostatic mixing valve adjusts the fluid temperature based on the user settings.
  • When the requirements of the thermostat are met, the internal contacts of the thermostat open, the auxiliary contacts open, and the pump stops.
  • The pump is activated once every 24 hours, for 15 minutes, to ensure that potable water in the piping is not stagnant.

California Proposition 65 WARNING

Other ID: 
65405, DRS3T05000
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L6TMP000 TMP040/070 Panel Installation, Operation and Maintenance Manual (Instructions) 2019-10-07 10.49 MB Download
SUBTMP000 TMP - 3-Way Mixing Panel Submittal 2015-10-06 1.42 MB Download
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TMP Panel Schematic - General
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