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TWH 70MBH HH Tankless Water Heater Mixing Panel (DHW Priority Opt)

Date Introduced: 
September 22, 2014

The TWH Tankless Water Heater Mixing Panel’s primary application is as a single zone mixing device for tankless DHW heaters.

The TWH070XP has a UPS 26-99 primary pump and is designed for applications where there is an extremely high flow resistance in the heat source.

The panel is pre-wired to work with an optional DHW priority switch which is mounted outside the panel.

Sequence of operation:

  • When a thermostat calls for heat, its internal 24V contacts close, the auxiliary terminals close, and both pumps turn on.
  • As the pumps move fluid through the panel the thermostatic mixing valve adjusts the fluid temperature based on the user settings.
  • When the requirements of the thermostat are met, the internal contacts of the thermostat open, the auxiliary contacts open, and the pumps stop.
  • Both the primary and secondary pumps are activated once every 24 hours, for 15 minutes, to ensure that potable water in the piping is not stagnant.
  • If the optional DHW priority flow switch is installed and the DHW flow is above the factory setting for this device, the primary pump stops and the auxiliary contacts open. When the DHW flow drops below the factory setting the panel resumes normal operation.

California Proposition 65 WARNING

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