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Meter Panel 3 Loop for BTU, HW, CW Meters

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Meter Panel 3 Loop for B
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TU, HW, CW Meters
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September 23, 2016

Many multi-family residential buildings adopt a shared cost approach to utilities, simply because usage is metered for the entire building. Water and energy conservation is difficult when usage is unknown. Some unit owners may be paying more for what they use, and some owners may pay less.

The HeatLink BTU Metering Panel enables developers to install hot and cold water (DHW & DCW) meters, and thermal (BTU) meters for each building unit. Each unit can then be charged and pay according to their actual water and energy usage.

With the addition of thermostats and actuators, the manifold provides an easy way to zone hydronic heating systems. Panels are shipped with spool pieces as placeholders for third party supplied water and thermal meters.


  • Recessed housing
  • 3 loop stainless steel manifold
  • 1.5 usgpm circuit flow rate
  • StatLink® module
  • Pre-wired 24V transformer


  • Provides individual zone or suite metering and billing in multi- unit buildings.
  • Can be used with a central heat source.
  • A single location for all metering equipment.
  • Pre-engineered panel design saves contractors time and labor.
  • All supplied components are covered by a single warranty.
  • Simplified wiring.
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