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SST Recessed 6 Loop 1-1/4" SS Manifold Small Mixing Panel Top Feed

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SST Series Panels are distribution panels with their own pump and mixing valve to supply radiant areas that each need a different supply water temperature. Typical applications include radiant heating and snow melting.

The base SST panel includes:

  • Recessed housing. Visible parts are made of satin coated steel that is ready to paint without priming. Recessed enclosure depth allows for mounting in a 2×6 wall.
  • One key lock and one coin lock.
  • 6 loop 76100 series SS Manifold with Flow Meters.
  • 3-way mixing valve.
  • Pre-wired UPS 15-58 pump.
  • Top mains feed.
  • Isolation valves.
  • Thermometer.

One of the following control packages is required:

  • StatLink® module (thermostats1) with thermostatic head (SSTS series only).
  • StatLink® module (thermostats1) with outdoor reset control.
  • BMS (sensors by others).
  • Snow melt control2 (#SMCP).
  • Snow melt control with BACnet3 (#31680).

Optional factory installed manifold add-ons:

  • Pressure activated bypass4 (#76937).
  • Side mount automatic air vent4 (#76935).
  • Actuator with LED (#56201) installed on manifold and wired to StatLink® module (SSASL required).

Optional factory housing upgrades:

  • Upgrade surface mount housing material to stainless steel.
  • Upgrade surface mount housing to extended housing.

1 Thermostats are sold separately.

2 Snow/Ice Detector DRVWSNS-SS sold separately.

3 Snow/Ice Detector 30090/91 sold separately.

4 Pressure activated bypass and side mount automatic air vent are not compatible and can't be used on the same panel.

Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L6SSTxx000x Stainless Steel Manifold Mixing Panel Instructions 2019-10-29 16.95 MB Download
SUBSSTxx000x Stainless Steel Manifold Mixing Panel Submittals 2019-05-06 14.73 MB Download
Image Stk# Product Name Status
SSAACT Actuator Mounted on Manifold and Wired to StatLink® (req SSP/SST panel) Special Order
SSAAV Installed Side Mount Auto Air Vent 76935 on Mnfld (req SSP/SST panel) Special Order
Installed on manifold SSAAV2 Installed Side Mount Auto Air Vent Kit 76944 on Mnfld (req SSP/SST pnl) Special Order
SSABMS Installed Wiring for BMS (requires SSP/SST panel) Special Order
Graphic of DDC actuator SSADDC Installed DDC Actuator 56121 on Mixing Valve (requires SSTS panel) Special Order
SSAEXE6 Upgrade Satin Stl Surf Mnt Housing to Ext Hgt (req 4/6 loop SSP/SST pnl) Special Order
Installed between ball valve and manifold SSAPB Installed Pressure Bypass 76945 on Manifold (requires SSP/SST panel) Special Order
Front view of electrical box, relay, and 40414 StatLink module SSASL Installed StatLink® Module (requires SSP/SST panel) Special Order
Front view of 40414 StatLink module SSASLEM Installed Additional StatLink® Module (requires SSP/SST panel and SSASL) Special Order
Front view of electrical box, transformer, and control SSASM654 Installed Snow Melt Control 30654 (req SST panel; 30090,30091 sold sep) Special Order
SSASMBAC Installed Snow Melt Control 31680 (req SST panel; 30090,30091 sold sep) Special Order
Graphic of surface mount housing SSASSE6 Upgrade Surf Mount Housing to Stainless Steel (req 4/6 loop SSP/SST pnl) Special Order
SSATH Installed Thermostatic Head 57094 on Mixing Valve (requires SSTS panel) Special Order
SSAMRC Installed Outdoor Reset Control 31355 (requires SST panel) While Supplies Last
Substitute: SSAMRC360
Graphic of Installed Snow Melt Control in SST Panel SSASM Installed Snow Melt Control SMCP (req SST panel; DRVWSNS-SS sold sep) While Supplies Last
Substitute: SSASM654
SSAPB Installed Pressure Bypass 76937 on Manifold in SSP/SST Panel Discontinued
SSASL Installed StatLink® Module 40318 in SSP/SST Panel Discontinued

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