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TwistSeal® Deluxe (55mm) Z.V. Supply & Balancing Return Module Pair


The supply module provides on/off manual control to allow isolation of individual loops, and may be fitted for electric actuator and thermostat operation. The return module permits the balancing of the flow rate. Comes with o-rings. Modules can be locked in place with a couple of turns. No threaded rod, solder, or tools required. Just twist and seal.

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Info Sheet
L2324 INFO 24 - Material Properties of Polysulfone 2019-05-23 230.86 KB Download
Look Whats New
L5807 TwistSeal Manifold Cartridge Change Look What's New 2006-06-29 179.78 KB Download
L679400 TwistSeal Instructions 2010-09-27 1.12 MB Download
L679400fr TwistSeal Instructions 2011-03-30 1.12 MB Download
SUB78400 TwistSeal Commercial Manifold Submittal 2012-04-26 283.13 KB Download
SUB79400 TwistSeal Deluxe Manifold Submittal 2012-04-26 283.47 KB Download

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