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SMP 335MBH Copper Snow Melt Panel 4×20 Plate HEX (30090,30091 sold sep)

Short Description: 
SMP CU 4x20HX 654 335MBH
Date Introduced: 
January 13, 2023

The SMP335-654 Snow Melt Panel is a central operations center for a fully automatic snow melt system requiring isolation. Includes the secondary pump, snow melt control, mixing valve, mixing valve motor, plug-in transformer, thermometer, pressure gauges, heat exchangers, air eliminator, balancing valves, and isolation valves.

Standard snow melt control uses Snow/Ice Sensor #30090 and Socket #30091 (both sold separately).

Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
SUBSMP000-654-HEX Copper Snow Melt Panel with Heat Exchangers Submittal 2023-05-31 4.25 MB Download

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