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TMP 70MBH 3-Way Mixing Panel (Automatic Outdoor Reset)

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Date Introduced: 
April 6, 2015

The TMP three way mixing panel's primary application is as a single zone mixing device where there are no flow requirements in the primary loop. The #31355 Compact Mixing Control with the 3-way mixing valve and actuator will automatically regulate the water temperature in secondary circuit based on outdoor temperature.

Sequence of operation:

  • When the panel receives a heat demand, the 31355 control is activated.
  • If the control is not in Warm Weather Shut Down, the control operates the mixing valve, boiler, and pump to maintain an outdoor reset mix target temperature at the mix supply sensor.
  • When the heat demand is removed, the control will close the mixing valve, open the boiler contacts, and stop the pump after the purge time.
  • If the pump has not run in the past 3 days, the pump will run for 10 seconds.
  • If the mixing valve has not operated its full stroke in the past 3 days, the control will operate the valve to the fully open position and then back to the fully closed position.
Thumbnail Stk# Title Publication Date Size Download
L631355D Compact Outdoor Reset Control Instructions 2009-05-26 8.94 MB Download
L631355U Compact Outdoor Reset Control User Instructions 2009-05-26 2.05 MB Download
L6TMP070RS TMP 70MBH 3-way Mixing Panel (Automatic Outdoor Reset) Instructions 2016-09-15 4.13 MB Download
SUBTMP070RS TMP 70MBH 3-way Mixing Panel (Automatic Outdoor Reset) Submittal 2016-09-09 475.09 KB Download

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