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Slim-line Power Press Tool

Date Introduced: 
September 1, 2012

HeatLink’s new Slim-line Power Press Tool is designed for increased efficiency and reduced fatigue for plumbing and heating system installers. The new Slim-line tool makes larger diameter PEX connections effortless and has interchangeable jaws (sold separately) ranging from 1/2" to 1-1/2". Short pressing cycles of 3-4 seconds are now possible with HeatLink’s new Slim-line tool and its efficiency is further supported by an extremely quick charging time of just 15 minutes. The tool is built using high quality and powerful Makita Li-Ion technology and incorporates biodegradable oil that is non-hazardous to water and has received the “Blue Angel” ecolabel.

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Brochure, Instructions
L3235 HeatLink Potable Water Systems Installation Guide 2019-06-21 4.27 MB Download
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L5816 HeatLink Slim-line Power Press Tool 2013-10-25 1.27 MB Download
L611500 Slim-line Power Press Tool Instructions 2020-04-01 3.82 MB Download
SUB11500 Slim-line Power Press Tool Submittal 2019-04-01 158.38 KB Download

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