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Wireless Internet Gateway

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May 28, 2018

The Wireless Internet Gateway is the heart of a HeatLink Smart System.

The Gateway coordinates the ZigBee HA wireless protocol that the Smart System devices use to interact, and connects to the building's Internet router to create a secure path to the HeatLink app.

Unlike some connected home systems, the Gateway is the only device that needs to be connected to the Internet, so it is quick to setup and simple to manage and grow the Smart System with more devices as required.

You can connect up to 200 devices to one gateway, including up to nine (9) StatLink® 8 Zone Wireless Modules.

Includes USB power adapter, 36" (0.9 m) USB power cable, and 21" (0.5 m) ethernet cable.

120 Vac 60 Hz NEMA 1 (Type A) plug.

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L3715 L3715 Smart System Installation and Setup Manual 2021-01-01 7.51 MB Download
L643301 Wireless Internet Gateway Instructions 2018-07-11 1.37 MB Download
L3950 HeatLink Smart System Trifold 2018-10-05 870.49 KB Download
Look Whats New, Brochure
L5833 Smart System Sell Sheet 2018-08-27 1.91 MB Download
SUB43301 Wireless Internet Gateway Submittal 2018-07-18 203.2 KB Download
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Photo of Wireless Relay 43302 Wireless Relay Active
Photo of Wireless Smart Plug / Repeater 43304 Wireless Smart Plug / Repeater Active
Photo of Water Leak Sensor 43310 Water Leak Sensor Active
Photo of Inline Shutoff Valve 43311 Inline Shutoff Valve Active
Photo of HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat with Celsius 46801W HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat Active
Photo of Wireless Valve Actuator 56401 Wireless Valve Actuator Active
Photo of Door/Window Sensor 43303 Door/Window Sensor While Supplies Last
Photo of Repeater 43307 Repeater While Supplies Last
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