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Smart System

HeatLink products are installed by contractors and sold through wholesale channels.
Please use this form to find the HeatLink dealer nearest you.

Image Stk# Product Name Status
Photo of Wireless Valve Actuator 56401 Wireless Valve Actuator Active
Photo of HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat with Celsius 46801W HeatLink® Wireless Digital Thermostat Active
Photo of Inline Shutoff Valve 43311 Inline Shutoff Valve New
Photo of Water Leak Sensor 43310 Water Leak Sensor New
Photo of Repeater 43307 Repeater Active
Photo of Co-ordinator 43306 Co-ordinator Active
Photo of External Antenna 43305 External Antenna Active
Photo of Wireless Smart Plug / Repeater 43304 Wireless Smart Plug / Repeater Active
Photo of Door/Window Sensor 43303 Door/Window Sensor Active
Photo of Wireless Relay 43302 Wireless Relay Active


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